Sunday, September 9, 2012

But where oh where do you get your PROTEIN miss vegan???

Probably my least favorite question. The best argument I have heard about this question, which so many vegans get asked so often, is the following:

Vegans always get asked "How do you get a sufficient amount of protein in your diet?" I can understand why one would ask this. But on the other hand, are the people who are asking this completely sure that they are getting a sufficient amount of every single nutrient and vitamin that they need in their diet? And you don't hear vegans going around asking non-vegans, "How do you get a sufficient amount of vitamin B9 or vitamin D??" Or any other nutrient...

There are lots of ways besides meat to get protein. But the main point of this blog post today is not to go off on some rant about protein, rather it is because I am excited because Special K cereal was on a great sale today, and I discovered a new type of Special K called Protein Plus!

So I got two boxes of the Protein Plus, one box of another new flavor, Blueberry, and one box of Cinnamon and Pecan Special K. I picked up two half gallon cartons of the cheapest soy milk in all the land, Wild Harvest brand soy milk. I layered the Protein Plus and the Blueberry flakes in one bowl, and it was delicious!! Like blueberry muffins in a bowl! Yum! 

Happy Eating!

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