Saturday, August 11, 2012

Great Find - Vegan Cafe in Santa Monica

There need to be more vegan bakeries... or all bakeries need to have vegan baked goods as a choice. Because vegan baked goods are so delicious!

When my mom was visiting southern California we ate dinner in Santa Monica one night. We had a wonderful dinner at Fritto Misto. It is an Italian restaurant, reasonably priced for a nice night out. The food is great, and they have plenty of vegan options...

I got an awesome vegetable pasta dish...

And the waitress was super great. She brought us a free dessert in honor of my mom celebrating graduating college!

Oh, also, kind of random, but I guess there were a lot of kids at our surrounding tables, so at one point the waitress brought out a bucket of dinosaur toys and gave one to each kid. Patrick got a stegosaurus.

So Patrick and mom enjoyed splitting the dessert, because it wasn't vegan. As they ate it I looked up vegan desserts in Santa Monica on my phone. I found a vegan bakery and then I made them walk several blocks so I could have dessert too. We were pretty tired from all of our site-seeing, but it was totally worth the walk, well, for me anyway. I got this strawberry shortcake, completely vegan, completely delicious. They had chocolate cake as an option, but the person working there recommended this one. It was so yummy!!

If you're ever in Santa Monica I highly recommend the Golden Mean Vegan Cafe!

Happy Eating!


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