Saturday, January 21, 2012

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead... NOT!

The other day Patrick and I watched a documentary on Netfilx called "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" Long story short it is about an Australian man who was over weight who turned his life around by doing a 60 day juice diet and road trip across the US. The film is really well done and fun to watch.

In the film the guy uses a juicer. So this educated us on what a juicer is and it totally caught our interest! No, neither Patrick nor I are going to do a juice fast, but I am asking for a juicer for my birthday (which is in 5 days! Jan 26). It intakes fruits and vegetables and produces juice, which means you drink it and get tons of nutrients, which is super healthy for you and gives you tons of good, natural energy! As opposed to drinking soda or energy drinks or other sugary things.

I do have to note that since I became vegan (18 days and counting!) I have felt WONDERFUL! I have had so much energy! I have been sleeping wonderfully every night and waking up in the morning with the energy to take on the day. This energy has even gotten me working out and best of all DANCING! I've made the effort and gone to a few dance classes recently, and I've started doing yoga with a free online video instructor in my room! Yay free yoga!! I've been doing a lot better about stretching consistently, and I've also been doing the fitness challenges on the video game Just Dance 3, which is so much fun it's like a workout incognito. Now I am not saying all of these things are thanks to going vegan, but it has certainly helped a well-rounded healthy lifestyle become the forefront of my life. I have also been told by a few people who are close to me that I have been inspiring them to be healthier. :)

Now on to the good part- FOOD!
Patrick and I had put off doing a good, big grocery trip for a good while, but we finally did yesterday. We got tons of fruits and veggies! (Among other things) From regular things like apples, bananas, lettuce, and oranges to new things we don't usually buy like cobs of corn, potatoes, limes, and another cantaloupe :) We also finally got some more soy milk, so I can enjoy my favorite of favorites- cereal. Tonight I made us a fabulous dinner, yes, all by myself. I'm such a good girlfriend. We both had baked garlic potatoes and corn on the cob, then Patrick had garlic lime chicken and I had a huge awesome salad. This was my first time ever making homemade potatoes or corn on the cob. Super easy and super delicious... and super healthy! Especially because I didn't put any butter on anything! (I was a big butterer before going vegan) Look at the beautiful colors! My salad consisted of lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, vegetable salad topping sprinkle stuff, pepper, and olive oil.

A cool thing about being vegan is my body actually craves these healthy things. That huge salad never looked so good to me!

Stay tuned for a report on my first vegan holiday- my birthday! Planning to go to Souplantation. Yay coupons! Also, we discovered this awesome vegan restaurant/bakery/coffee and tea shop in Tustin, near us. Eyed me some yummy looking desserts :D
Happy eating!

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