Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Pigging" out

I've been super healthy, obviously since going vegan. I kind of can't believe it and I am super proud of myself! But tonight I ate almost a whole box of wheat thins. I ate a pb banana corn tortilla sandwich around 4:45, then I went to a dance class that I really did not enjoy and when I got back all I wanted was lazy food! So I grabbed the box, got on facebook, and the rest is history.... But you know what, I don't feel so bad since it is a once in a million thing and I've been so healthy! Tomorrow, back to vegan super stardom! For tonight some more laziness, either going to watch Friends or another food documentary. Rachelle recommended one to me called Forks Over Knives. So possibly a review coming for that one soon!
Happy Eating!

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