Friday, January 13, 2012


So this was really hard. Tonight Patrick had a craving for frozen yogurt, which (before going vegan obviously) was one of our absolute favorite totally Californian things to do since moving here. The place we go near our house, Tutti Frutti, is colorful and fun and delicious and cheap. And frozen yogurt is healthier than ice cream, so we were like YAY. So we went to Tutti Frutti tonight and I decided to just look at their menu and see if there was anything vegan I could get. I asked them what's in their smoothies and of course it includes FroYo. I could've just gotten some strawberries and other fruit in the FroYo cup and no FroYo but I didn't think that was a good deal. So Patrick got his FroYo and I was still craving something sweet and cold and that would feel good on my soar throat. So..........

We went to the grocery store and I bought bananas and strawberries and I came home and made a smoothie: 1 banana, a few strawberries, ice, and sugar! Enjoying it now, thoroughly satisfied :)

Happy Eating!

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