Friday, April 6, 2012

Tutti Frutti Soy Frozen Yogurt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So imagine back to this.... You are a child. You have never had ice cream. Someone gives your ice cream for the very first time. Obviously, you love it. You are so happy.

Today I got the wonderful amazingness of "ice cream" given back to me, in vegan form!!! Well not ice cream, but frozen yogurt. FroYo is very much a California thing. It is so much fun to go get FroYo with your friends or for a cute little date. Unfortunately, that wonderful pleasure had no longer been available to me since I went vegan...

But a few days ago Patrick told me he saw a sign in Tutti Frutti's window saying they now have vegan friendly Soy Frozen Yogurt!!!!!!!! I went and got some for the first time today. I topped it with strawberries. It is really really delicious! And 10% of all sales of their new soy froyo goes toward helping to feed the hungry in Afghanistan. And Tutti Frutti is right down the street from us!! So wonderful :)

Tutti Frutti has a really wonderful campaign/project going on right now with this whole soy bean, feeding Afghanistan, vegan frozen yogurt thing. For more info about it all, check out this site:

Just a little bit of info about the project from the site....

"Did you know that one ton of soybean seeds can yield up to 40 tons of consumable soy? This in return can provide up to 10,000 families of six with enough protein to last 3 harsh winter months! 
That's why NEI is working with local farmers to develop a soy bean seed industry within Afghanistan. Ensuring ready access to a reliable domestic source of soy bean seeds can help keep families fed. It could be the very answer to self-sustainability that they've been looking for."

The lady working at Tutti Frutti when I went today asked me if I liked the new soy frozen yogurt. I told her it is the best day of my life. lol. 

On a side note- I joined a yoga studio! I have gone almost every day since I joined, and it makes me so happy and healthy!! 

Happy Eating! Namaste!

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