Thursday, May 24, 2012

Traveling while Vegan: NYC Restaurant Reviews

Reviews of 3 New York City Vegan Friendly Restaurants!

Restaurant #1:
During my first time in Manhattan on this trip I went to see my friend Trent’s show that he assistant directed entitled “Unnamed Broadway Musical: The Musical” at the EFA Project Space. I arrived in Manhattan about an hour before the show and as I was walking down the street I walked past this restaurant that looked very green and inviting. It is called Maoz Vegetarian

I decided if I didn’t eat before the show I would be hungry during and after it, so I popped inside to take a look. This place served falafel hummus pita pocket sandwiches (among other things such as salads and smoothies). I ordered one pita for around $5, and then they have a full salad bar that you can top your pita with.

The funny thing is, they give you your pita pocket filled with falafel in this tiny cup thing, and so if you tried to put any toppings on it, it would be a mess. So I asked for a little plate for my toppings and they gave it to me, so I actually ended up getting so much food, basically a side salad. The broccoli was amazing.

I definitely recommend this place for its affordability, quantity of food you get for the price, and taste! Also, while eating here I had that awesome traveling experience of meeting a total stranger and talking and sharing a meal with them. I met a nice woman who was a little older than me and we talked about growing your own food. Also she said she decided she can only eat something if she can kill it herself, so she told me this story of how she went out and killed a chicken. Since she could do it, she does eat chicken. She does not eat cows. They are beautiful. Just look into those eyes…..

Maoz Vegetarian is located in Manhattan, NYC, near Times Square and the Theatre District.

Restaurant #2:
One day Josie and I took the subway from her apartment in Astoria to the first stop in Manhattan, around 59th street, to do some shopping. First of all, we are both definitely not as young as we used to be, as we both got tired and hungry from all the walking and shopping pretty quickly. We decided we couldn’t make it all the way back to Astoria for lunch, so again just by walking down the street and noticing some place that looked really green and inviting we stumbled upon Toasties

Josie had heard of it before. They had sandwiches, pitas, wraps, soups, salad bar, and comfort food entrees. We both got sandwiches. I got the veggie pita pocket, and it had avocados! And lots of other delicious veggies. I also splurged for a naked juice, as I have missed juicing in my own juicer during this trip. I got the “green machine” flavor, which on the bottle says “looks weird, tastes great.” It really does taste better than the green juices I make at home, and it gave me that nutrition boost I needed! The only bad thing about getting the Naked juice is now I want to start drinking it more, which means buying it, which means spending money. Oh well, it can be a treat. My pita was delicious.

I definitely recommend this place. It cost more than Maoz Vegetarian. My sandwich was around $8, and Naked juice is expensive. But it was high quality and very filling. Totally worth not having to trek back to Astoria for lunch.

Restaurant #3:
As far as my experience with restaurants in NYC on this trip, my last review is for 67 Burger in Brooklyn. Josie and I met up with Trent for dinner, and Josie had heard good things about this place from co-workers at Irondale Theatre, so we decided to try it out. They have a very simple menu, which I liked. Basically you pick what kind of burger you want – regular burger, turkey burger, chicken, or veggie burger. Then you pick what stlye you want from a variety of spices, toppings, cheeses, etc. I asked the lady working there is the veggie burger is vegan and she told me yes, and that she is also vegan. She was fabulous because she recommended the whole-wheat toast for my bread and she told me to get mixed greens instead of just lettuce. All of her decisions were superb. I got it Cajun style, which is just bunch of delicious spices. I also got fries… my vegan weakness. They were excellent. 

This was the best veggie burger I have now had to date, beating the Amtrak vegan bbq burger I had on the way to NY on this trip. I definitely recommend 67 Burger to anyone, and it is a great place for vegan lovers and carnivores to dine together! I cannot remember how much my burger cost. Maybe around $7-$8. Definitely worth it, and definitely worth a great night catching up with great friends on the one year anniversary of our graduation from college together.

Happy Travels, Happy Eating!

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