Friday, May 25, 2012

Traveling while Vegan: Back to Cali, back to home

Return to California - Reflections

To wrap up the travel edition of my vegan blog I am posting a picture of the most unvegan thing ever….

This is the selection of pastries, pies, and baked goods at Martha’s Bakery, an adorable little bakery down the street from Josie’s apartment in Astoria. They have no vegan baked goods, I asked. Josie and I did, however, enjoy a nice coffee date and chat session at Martha’s in their outdoor cafĂ© seating and it was a lovely experience. 

I am feeling quite reflective of my trip, and also of the last year of my life, as I sit on the airplane back to California. One year ago I graduated from Manhattanville, and it is coming up on my one-year anniversary of living in California, as well as my five-year anniversary of dating Patrick. The dark view below, out the window of my plane, with the shining lights looking up at me, just makes me think about how much I have grown and learned in the past year and how much I just wish to live a simple, healthy, positive life, spreading light and positivity and love to every single person that I meet. And also that I am really not that far from those I love and care about all over the world… Distances can be traveled, and every person that I love and care about lives with me every day right in my heart. So take some time to slow down, and sit and have some coffee and a chat with your best friend, and thank them for being there for you, and tell them you love them.

Happy Living!

PS - Here is the last thing I ate on my vegan travel adventure. Veggie pizza, no cheese, from Wolfgang Puck Express at JFK airport. I also got a Clif Bar with chocolate chips, no dairy though! It was delicious like a candy bar. Omnomnom. 

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