Friday, March 16, 2012

Vegan at Disneyland!!!

I finally did it. I sat down and did my research and compiled a pretty complete and thorough list of vegan and vegetarian food options at the Disneyland Resort. My list includes Disneyland, California Adventure, and Downtown Disney. There are a few restaurants at the three hotels too, not included in my list. And of course these are not ALL of the options. I mainly focused on finding vegan options, as that is a lot harder to find (no offense vegetarians). And please be responsible for checking things out yourself when you are ordering food/making reservations. This list is just meant as a place for you to start!

Vegan/Vegetarian Options at Disneyland
Make sure to always let your server know you are vegan/vegetarian and always ask for everything without cheese and dairy and be careful of sauces!

If eating at a table service restaurant not listed here, call 714-781-DINE to make a reservation and to speak with a manager or chef to discuss your vegan/vegetarian needs. They can accommodate you with something delicious!

All of these dishes are Vegetarian.
* = Vegan


Bengal BBQ
*Vegetable Skewers
Cheese-filled pretzels
Yogurt Parfait

Tiki Hut
Dole Whip

Critter Country
Hungry Bear Restaurant
*Veggie Burger can sub apple slices for fries! Vegan ask for no cheese

Village Haus
*Veggie Burger vegan ask for no cheese

Rancho del Zocalo
*Veggie Burrito vegan ask for no cheese
*Tostada Salad sub sautéed veggies instead of meat
*Soft Tacos Monterrey vegans request no cheese, no sour cream

Stage Door Cafe
Funnel Cake

New Orleans Square
Royal Street Veranda
*Gumbo in a sourdough bread bowl vegan ask for no cheese

Café Orleans
*Pomme Frites vegan ask for no cheese
*Creole Ratatouille vegan ask for no cheese
Mickey Beignets
Monte Cristo vegetarian ask for cheese only

Blue Bayou
*Portobello Mushrooms
*Couscous Maque Choux

French Market
Four Cheese Pasta
Vegetable Gratin

Pizza Port
*Terra Nova Pasta vegan ask for no cheese
Starfield Greens salad
Cheese pizza

Tomorrowland Terrace
*Portobello mushroom roasted red pepper sandwich vegan ask for no cheese, no sauce, gluten-free bread
*Veggie Burger vegan ask for no cheese


Golden State
World of Color Picnic @ Sonoma Terrace
*Mediterranean Platter Lemon cake NOT vegan

Pacific Wharf
Pacific Wharf Café
*Vegetarian Chili in a bread bowl vegan ask for no cheese

Lucky Fortune Cookery
*Teriyaki Tofu Bowl vegan be careful of sauce choices, ask chef/server

Cocina Cucamonga Mexican
*Veggie Burrito vegan ask for no cheese

Downtown Disney:
Jamba Juice
*All-fruit smoothies
*Steel Cut Oats beware of add-ons like brown sugar crumble and apple cinnamon toppings as they have milk

La Brea Bakery
*Asian Salad
Spaghetti with marinara kids menu

Tortilla Joes
*Vegetarian Burrito vegan ask for no cheese

*Fruit Stands
*Mickey Pretzels
*Corn on the cob vegan ask for no butter
*Minnie Mouse ‘oreo’ cookies, both chocolate and vanilla
*Pre-bagged Mickey Mouse kettle corn
*Dreyer’s strawberry whole-fruit bar
*Cotton Candy
*Popcorn the butter isn’t real butter, it’s oil!

And here is the most complete listing I found of vegetarian options at Disneyland, including hotel restaurants:
Alphabetical listing of vegetarian options

I had a lot of fun compiling the list and reading all about other vegan's experiences at Disneyland! My vegetarian uncles are visiting me in a week and we will be spending the day in Disneyland, so I am excited for this newfound knowledge. I really think Guest Relations needs to have this list on hand for guests. We do have pamphlets about food allergies and options, but I am pretty sure we don't have any kind of list like this with specific restaurants and menu items. Plus I don't like veganism being referred to as a food allergen, as it is a life choice, not an allergen. The cast member reference guide does say which restaurants have vegetarian food, but not vegan.

Blogs coming soon: Vegan St. Patrick's Day Food and Vegan trip to Disneyland with my uncles!

Happy Disney Eating!

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