Sunday, July 1, 2012

Back from Hiatus

Hello to all my Vegan Blog fans!!!!

I took a slight hiatus from writing in my blog. It has been about five and a half weeks since I flew back to California from New York after my two week east coast excursion. But not to fear, the blog lives on! Once I tell you all everything that has happened in the past month you will understand me not writing and hopefully forgive me.

Most importantly - yes, I am still 100% vegan! July 3, 2012 (in 2 days!) will be my 6 month anniversary of being completely vegan. Kind of hard to believe. And, every day I am still learning so much. I woke up on this day 6 months ago and went to the store to get Danny ingredients so we could make vegan pancakes. I've never looked back :)

Since this blog focuses on my vegan experience, and since most people reading are probably already pretty up-to-date on all the changes in my life, I will make this as brief as possible. You can totally skip this if you're up-to-date on my life. I just can't believe how much has been/is happening...


-I got back to Cali May 24th. I immediately started looking for dance related jobs. The trip, with inspiration from Josie and Trent, really got me motivated to find a job that I like in my field. No more settling for working at a theme park. Also, I wanted to find a smaller company to work for.

-June 2nd I choreographed, danced in, and helped film a music video to a Lady GaGa song with an awesome friend.

-By June 4th I had two new part time jobs to replace my job at Disneyland! Anaheim Ballet Front Desk Registrar (with the perk of free dance classes!) and Dance Instructor for summer camp at Olympica Gymnastics Academy! Patrick and I still both work for Karacters 4 Kids too when we can. He left Kohl's and is working at Attractions/Parade Crowd Control at Disneyland.

Anaheim Ballet:

-My mom visited us in Cali June 6th - June 12th, which was her surprise grad gift from the whole family. Lots of eating out. Lots of great vegan stories/food! I will do a post about her trip after this.

-June 13th I registered for UCI classes. I start graduate school for Dance/Digital Media late September.

-June 22nd we got our housing assignment at UCI and found out that we are moving to Irvine on July 6th!!! We got our first choice one bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, balcony graduate student/family housing. It will be our first place that is just ours together!! :)
2nd floor:

-June 25th we bought a car! We are financing a certified pre-owned 2007 red Toyota Prius HYBRID! It is in both our names. We are keeping my 2005 "Henry" Honda Element. We need two cars for all of our jobs. And we are so happy to have gotten a hybrid for great gas mileage. Haven't named the car yet. I like "Capri" for a name. We'll see.

-June 28th and 29th we volunteered at the 11th annual Dance Camera West Dance Media Film Festival at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. It was a great networking experience for us both. And we met a girl named Jessie who is going into her second year of the same grad program I will be going into in September! So we will be classmates and neighbors! She gave me a lot of info about UCI's grad dance program :) It was a really inspiring and motivating festival experience. 

So that pretty much brings us up to today. I am packing.

We move in 5 days. I plan to continue this blog on a regular basis now, starting with some stories from my mom's trip to Cali.

But that's all for this one. Eat healthy so you can be ready for all of life's changes and excitement!

Happy Eating!

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