Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dairy Kryptonite

Today I went to the store because Patrick is feeling sick, so I was getting stuff to make him feel better. I was getting stuff to make him grilled cheese sandwiches, so I was in the back corner of the grocery store, in the dairy section. As I was picking out American cheese I started feeling sick to my stomach. Like very all of a sudden. I put the cheese in my basket and walked away from that section and immediately started feeling better. Now I know it is probably just a coincidence, and Patrick and I are in the middle of watching all of the Superman movies, but it made me think dairy is like my kryptonite now. Crazy.

On another note- I experimented today for lunch, corn tortilla with hummus and sliced pears on it. Pretty delicious. I kind of went fruit crazy at the grocery store this week... I hope it doesn't go bad before I get a chance to eat it all, but if I eat too much at a time it's just too much. Gosh I love fruit.

I booked my plane tickets to go home to NC in May. I am very much looking forward to getting in my grandmother's kitchen and cooking vegan with her! I feel like I have learned so much since going vegan! We're going to make a nice big family vegan meal :) I want everyone to see how delicious it is. I will also be going up to New York on that trip so I will find some good vegan places there. Suggestions welcome!

Happy Eating!

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