Sunday, February 26, 2012

Little Caesars and Wahoo's Fish Taco

So exciting- last night I actually ordered a pizza!! Little Caesar's vegetarian pizza, ordered without cheese, and their crazy bread, also ordered without cheese, as well as a side of crazy sauce = vegan! I ordered all of those things, and it was about $11 total. The pizza was a large and it came with 8 pieces of crazy bread. And it's okay that there is butter on the crazy bread, it's not real butter, and it has no animal by-products in it. I also ordered my vegetarian pizza without olives, because I don't like olives. I came home from work and was tired and wanted an easy dinner, so it was really nice to just order a pizza, and I have plenty of leftovers :)

Vegetarian Pizza:

Little Caesar's even has a little explanation of their vegan/vegetarian options :)

On another note- today Patrick and I were hanging out in Huntington Beach. We ate dinner there. He got a cheeseburger at a place called Bomb Burger. Their fries are vegan, I asked about the oil they cook them in. I ate at a place called Wahoo's Fish Taco. Both of these places are on Main Street, right by the pier. I got their number 1, which is one taco with a side of rice and beans. For the filling in my taco I got their "Banzai Veggies" and I got brown rice (their white rice isn't vegan, it has butter in it) and spicy black beans. I got all that for around $5, and it was a lot of food, and so good!! I read online on a vegan site to make sure you make it very clear to them when you are ordering that you are vegan so they definitely don't mess it up. They gave me extra salsa for free, and had good choices of hot sauces. It was fun because both places we ate were so beachy and casual, so I just hung out at the burger place with Patrick while he ate and then we hung out some more at the taco place while I ate. For me, the more time spent hanging out at Huntington Beach, the better. It was a fabulous day at the beach :)

I know it just looks like a lot of lettuce on the taco in the picture, but trust me, there are a ton of awesome veggies under there!! It was definitely a juicy, messy, wonderful meal.

By the way, can you believe it's February!? And we went to the beach! I love California! Is anyone sick of me saying that yet??

Happy Eating!

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