Friday, February 3, 2012

What to do with pulp????

So as you know, I got a juicer for my birthday. Well when you juice you have a lot of pulp left over. I don't want to be wasteful so I looked up some ideas of what to do with the pulp.

First attempt: veggie burger....... FAIL. First of all I burnt it. Second of all I made up my own recipe including the pulp, beans, and potatoes, among other things. Third of all, disgusting. Patrick didn't hate it. Curious.

Second attempt: Veggie Bread Cake... well that is just what I have come to call it. SUCCESS! I found the video on youtube:

I followed this lady's directions almost exactly, except that I didn't put quite a full third cup of pulp, just about 2 cups and a handful. When I was making the batter (and eating a bit of it) my mind was truly blown by how delicious it tasted. I was worried to ruin the wonderful batter with veggie pulp, but it turned out AMAZING. OH YEAH.... IMPORTANT: I replaced the three eggs with three bananas, mashed up. BRILLIANT! VEGAN!

So that took up a lot of the pulp. Next thing I might try is veggie soup with the pulp, and sprinkle some on my first attempt at homemade vegan pizza (which I bought the ingredients for today)!! Oh also, I've been sprinkling a little on my salads. It's okay that way. But I am still loving juicing! And so is Patrick!

I got some vegan cookbooks from Danny for my bday too. I am kind of intimidated by most of the recipes right now, but we shall see. I am becoming quite the cook/chef as of late!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY WONDERFUL BOYFRIEND WHO FULLY SUPPORTS MY VEGANISM! We are off to TGIFridays to celebrate his bday! So I shall report back on what they have that is vegan!

Happy (Birthday) Eating!

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