Tuesday, February 28, 2012

In-N-Out's Super Top Secret "Wish Burger"

This blog post is a little different than my usual, as I am really just blogging about someone else's blog post... Read this post about In-N-Out's Veggie Burger, not listed on their menu or even on their SECRET menu...


They call it the Wish Burger. And their fries and buns are vegan. Their In-N-Out sauce is NOT vegan, however, so don't get that. Otherwise, go enjoy In-N-Out, probably the best fast food joint in the whole world. ...They use the same training methods and quality standards of business as Disney ;)

In other news, today is IHOP's Free Pancake Day. My friends and I have been celebrating free pancake day since high school, so I did my research today about what kind of offerings IHOP has for vegans. The answer is none. Well okay, a $3 bowl of fruit, and coffee (according to the internet. I have not gone in myself and looked at the menu yet). Other than that, vegans should steer clear of IHOP. I will probably whip up some vegan pancakes myself today, in honor of free pancake day, and maybe I'll take em with me when we go to IHOP for Patrick to get free pancakes.

One last thing in vegan news for today- As you know, I recently transfered into Guest Relations at Disneyland, a department that takes a lot of pride in its history, heritage, and traditions. Well back in the 60s and 70s two editions of a "Tour Guide Cook Book" were made. Well this year, to honor the heritage, a third edition was compiled, and I just received my copy. All the recipes are submitted by Guest Relations Cast Members. It is not a vegan cookbook, but tour guides must be really healthy people, because there is a whole vegetarian section and a TON of recipes that can easily be done vegan-style! My new goal is to make one meal from the Tour Guide Cook Book a week. This will help keep me trying new things, and help me to not get bored and lazy about my vegan eating/cooking.

Happy Eating!

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