Friday, February 10, 2012

Pulp Soup

Tonight I made soup from the pulp left over after juicing. It surprised me how wonderful it turned out! I love hearty (before going vegan- meaty) potato-y stew like you'd get in a pub in Europe.

I boiled some water. Then I added the pulp (mostly veggies- some apple) and I let it simmer on low while I went to the store. No measuring and no timing in this recipe, just instinct. When I got back from the store the apartment smelled so wonderful because of the simmering! I stirred it, turned the heat up a little, and then on another eye of the stove I threw some cut up tomatoes, potatoes (that had already been baked), and onion in a frying pan. No oil or anything. I stirred that around a bit. Oh yeah, I sprinkled salt, pepper, and oregano in the pot of pulp at the beginning before summering. I added pepper to the frying pan. When the frying pan food was cooked I added it right to the pulp soup broth stuff. I forgot to cook the mushrooms in the frying pan, so I just threw them in the pot. I stirred and let all that cook more for a bit. When it was all done I let a little excess water out of the pot. Don't strain it though, it's soup! Then I watched Glee and ate it.

It was so good.

All mixed up. I promise it's more delicious than it looks.

Very fulfilling and warm. For dessert I had some strawberries dipped in the chocolate icing I bought for Patrick's bday cake that I later found out is vegan. Yeah, that's all gone :)

I'll be going home to Salisbury and then to visit New York for a bit in May! I can't wait to eat vegan there :)

Here are two vegan blogs I also read, because I know the people that write them:

Happy Eating!

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