Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Disney Dining Vegan

Today is my one month of being in my new role of Guest Relations at Disneyland!

I am in the middle of training for a new location within GR- GIL aka Guest Information Locations. So today we toured all around Disney's California Adventure park, Downtown Disney, and the three hotels- Disney's Grand Californian Hotel and Spa, Paradise Pier Hotel, and the Disneyland Hotel. For lunch our trainer took us to a cast member backstage cafe that I had never been to before down by the hotels. This cast cafe had the best vegetarian/vegan options of any of the cast member dining locations!! I was very happy!! I usually don't spend much on food at work, but I just couldn't resist the healthy delicious amazingness today. Not only did they have more options than just the salad bar, but they had a clearly posted menu sign with symbols next to all of the vegetarian options with descriptions of what is in everything. I got a hummus pita bread wrap, it had so many awesome vegetables on it, and couscous. The woman who made it for me was very helpful and answered all my questions and made sure I didn't get anything with dairy on my wrap. When I was checking out I told the guy at the cash register that this is the most vegan-friendly cast cafe, but he could've cared less. Oh well, at least I paid someone the compliment! The girl I am training with is a vegetarian so she was also happy, and she got vegetarian soup :) So that was our little mini-celebration for our one month in GR.

I have been thinking about going into the parks as a guest and doing some more research/investigation on how to eat in Disneyland as a vegan. (I searched on my iPhone to see if there was an app for that, and surprisingly there wasn't!) Of course it is Disney, so at any of the dining locations you can always talk to the chef or manager or probably even just your server and they can make you something vegan just for you. But since this blog, and my approach to veganism, is all about being a vegan as easily as possible I thought it would be helpful to do a blog about being vegan in Disney. I would do one blog post for Disneyland park and one for Disney's California Adventure park. As we have been touring around the resort yesterday and today I am starting to see that it won't be that difficult of an investigation, as there are many vegan/vegetarian options in the resort.

For a little head start tip about eating vegan in Disneyland I will give you one fact to tempt you to come back and read my future posts:
The Dreyer's strawberry whole fruit bars that are sold at the ice cream carts (the ones with the Mickey ear ice cream bars and frozen bananas at them too) are vegan! Fruit Bar Ingredients

Okay so while writing this blog I went and google searched eating vegan at Disneyland and apparently there are actually a lot of articles about it. But oh well, maybe I'll still do it!
Happy Eating!

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