Saturday, February 4, 2012

Simple Sunday Lunch

I've been doing a lot of blog posts lately about complicated vegan things, like juicing, baking, and eating out. So I wanted to do a post today to take this blog back to its roots. Being vegan simply and inexpensively and proving that can be done and you don't have to be some kind of health or environmental super star to be vegan. Since starting this blog I've had a few people tell me, hey Gina I was thinking about being vegan but thought I couldn't do that, but I've enjoyed reading your blog! Well I am here to say that I am here for the average person! I can't really cook that great I don't have that much mulah and I am usually a very busy person. I digress...

My point is, even though I choose complicated or interesting stuff to blog about, a lot of the times I eat something that looks more like this:

A lazy vegan's Sunday lunch. Leftover green beans, apple sauce, and triscuits and hummus. Now I have to admit, this is the laziest I've been in a while, but it is certainly healthier than heating up a hot dog (something I would have been more likely to do for lunch pre-vegan). And it is delicious. Small portions but more flavors. The triscuits are Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil flavor, the hummus is Roasted Garlic flavor, and the apple sauce is Cinnamon! I think when you first become vegan it can be harder and overwhelming because you just don't know what to eat, but after a little while you'll have enough options in your cabinet to make it easier to just grab something and throw something together quickly. Your cabinet will slowly start to become more and more vegan friendly :)

Point of this post- you don't have to be a vegan super star to be vegan. Regular people are vegan too.

Happy (simple) eating!

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